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Peggy Wolf



Have You Met Miss Jones?

Have you met Miss Jones is a lifestyle company dedicated to providing contemporary designs for the interior. The philosophy embraces the essence of adaptability and as such the range appeals to a wide range of budgets and sits equally well in a variety of interiors from inner city terraces to beachside retreats.

Jackson, Johnston and Roe

Jackson, Johnson & Roe uses natural, sustainable and recycled fabrics and trim, they  paint and draw their own prints, and they carefully follow and monitor each piece of clothing throughout the process of construction. JJ&R strive to create beautiful, classic, functional and well made clothes that become a staple in your wardrobe.


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Velvet Bean

These Velvet Bean Ottomans have been handmade with love from upcycled coffee sacks which were once used to transport raw green coffee beans across the globe. Each ottoman is completely unique, stamped with the country of origin, and bearing the rustic markings of both the merchant and exporter.

Ottomans feature a sturdy internal timber frame and soft foam padding. Reinforced seam stitching and top stitching adds extra strength and durability.



Lux Cotton Jersey Bandeau Headband
featuring screen printed Gilded Feathers
Designed by Love Lune for pretty neo-hippie girls everywhere.

The Tinted Mint

Patty is the Product Designer of Tinted Mint. The company that specializes in eco-friendly products and accessories for crafts, DIY and gift packaging.

Create unique patterns using washi tape to further personalize letter blocks

Layer solids and prints, matched according to the base color. Muted tones or high contrasts, you decide. Don’t worry too much about creating a sketch beforehand. Just go for it.

Washi tape is easy to peel off and reposition.

A fun way to display pins as art.
Put them against paper or cloth that highly contrasts with your wall color to brighten up a room.

Washi tape, those cute little pins and more are available at