What on Earth Are You Wearing?

A companion volume to Michi’s first book,¬†Like I Give a Frock, this gorgeous and funny encyclopedia to the world of Michi is the perfect gift for girls of all ages.What on Earth Are You Wearing? contains a glossary of the fashion world from Michi’s always unique point of view. (‘A’ is for ‘acid wash reflux disease’, which affects 1 in every 4 people . . .) Michi brings a sense of joy, sophistication, surprise and subversion to all things fashion. Buy your copy here.


Wicked Little Fox


The Tinted Mint

Patty is the Product Designer of Tinted Mint. The company that specializes in eco-friendly products and accessories for crafts, DIY and gift packaging.

Create unique patterns using washi tape to further personalize letter blocks

Layer solids and prints, matched according to the base color. Muted tones or high contrasts, you decide. Don’t worry too much about creating a sketch beforehand. Just go for it.

Washi tape is easy to peel off and reposition.

A fun way to display pins as art.
Put them against paper or cloth that highly contrasts with your wall color to brighten up a room.

Washi tape, those cute little pins and more are available at www.thetintedmint.com

Catherine Campbell

You can purchase you own lovely print in Catherine’s shop.

Lovely Living Space

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